Our hips serve innumerable functions for our body; they keep us upright, allow us to bear weight, walk smoothly, run, jump, kick, play. Since the hips are engaged in nearly every way we move, pain in this area can have debilitating consequences for patients. Although hip pain is frequently the result of osteoarthritis or injury, it can also be a sign of other health conditions. A doctor of chiropractic can help you identify the source of your hip pain and develop a tailored treatment plan for your symptoms.   Common Causes of Hip Pain Inflammation Hip pain can derive from the structures within the hipRead More →

Although golfing is a low-impact sport, athletes can still suffer from injuries like pain in the lower back, hips, wrists and elbows as a result of overuse. Previous research has shown that a golf swing can place compressive loads on the lumbar spine, resulting in pain the lower back. 1  A new case study demonstrates how chiropractic can provide effective rehabilitation for golfers suffering from injuries.2It also points to how chiropractic therapies can help patients experiencing osteoarthritic pain. The case study documented the treatment a 49-year-old woman golfer suffering from hip pain related to osteoarthritis. The woman had been suffering from left hip osteoarthritis for several years, alongRead More →

Aches and pains are as much a part of the aging process as wrinkles and fine lines, but good chiropractic care can keep the spine strong and allow seniors to maintain normal activity long into their golden years. How does age affect the spine? As the spine degenerates over time, structures that handle balance and coordination don’t function as well. This deterioration can lead to arthritis, stiffness, circulatory problems, constipation, and more. Conventional medicine vs. Chiropractic care The traditional treatment for many age-related problems is pharmaceutical. Over-the-counter and prescription medications do provide some relief from the aches and pains of age, but don’t affect theRead More →

Numerous studies have shown that chiropractic can be an effective treatment for lumbar spinal pain. A new study1 describes the previously reported benefits of chiropractic: “Giles and Muller compared the outcomes of acupuncture, medication, and spinal manipulation on spinal pain syndromes. Only spinal manipulation led to significant improvement. Rao et al. reported that 73% of the patients who sought pain relief treatment from both a rheumatologist and an alternative form of medicine found chiropractic care to be helpful. It may be reasonably concluded that chiropractic care is a successful treatment for lower back pain.” 1 No previous study, however, has examined the effectiveness of chiropractic forRead More →