Robert D. Berry, D. C., Inc.

  • '76 Graduate Lucas High School, Lucas, OH
  • ·Attended Ashland College for pre-chiropractic education, Ashland, OH
  • ·'82 Graduated cum laude Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, Iowa
  • ·'82 Established private practice in Loudonville, OH
  • Certified Bureau of Workers Compensation Physician
  • Became a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician - 1987
  • Medicare/Medicaid Participating Physician
  • ·Member since 1982:
  • OSCA (Ohio State Chiropractic Association
    • 2001 Chiropractor of the Year
  • ACA (American Chiropractic Association
  • MOCA (Mid Ohio Chiropractic Association


Chiropractic is a health care discipline which emphasizes the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery.

Chiropractic focus on the relationship between structure (primarily the spine) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health.

While chiropractic care is not for everyone, it is a valuable means of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and taking care of oneself - from the inside out.

Our office maintains a network of health care providers and health car facilities that we can refer patients to if and when a patient's condition warrants a referral..


We offer Decompression Therapy:

This FDA Approved, Safe, Non-Surgical treatment has been effectively used to treat the following:

° herniated, protruded, degenerated discs
° facet syndrome
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